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Julie and I benn turning for a few years now and have had a normal thing goes with the couple in the apartment next door. Sue and twilightsex Gearge were a little older than most of our friends. were in the late 20s then, and were in their forties. Sue was very curvy and sexy 5 feet tall with two beautiful breasts and a wicked imagination. George was a little overwieght, about 15 stone, his height 5 feet 7 This, said Julie on a Saturday, we went and she shave ready. We have always shave each other, but this time she decided to shave his ass so good and my thigh and said it looked very sexy and it made my penis look bigger, without hair. Then he shaved and got a little worked up Dhere and gave him a good licking to orgasm while I was in it. We next night and everything was fine, as usual.. Sue gives great blow job and kept me on the threshold of old age.. stood up to say, tonight would be a little different, since they believed that shitMr. Julie with a strapon, then it happened. Julie also had a surprise and sai that George and I had to be blindfolded and with boxing gloves, the bottom with tape so we can feel something, with our hands. Sue looked good with the strapon in place and looked about 6 inches, and instead of fat and told me not to speak until we were ready when they put on blindfolds our security. I could not see anything and had to be helped about. I was pushed into a kneeling position, leaning forward so my face was in a soft juicy pussy. I licked and sucked it amused me greatly when I felt a hand yourself a pat on the back and rub along the rugged and my ass. Got a finger in the ass and moves. This was a new experience for me, but I felt his hand on my cock and pussy on my face. Motor under me and I slurping noise that George was probably licked my cock sucking. Then I felt two fingers in my ass and outand my dick was bigger than normal for this hand that I cherish. The left hand in my ass, but then I quickly push something hard and cool slowly in was a bit painful, but took over at the time, and I relaxed enough to be pushed all the way in. it must be replaced by strapon Sue's enjoying his own evil. The Pussy was far beneath me and I heard whisper could not understand what was said was not within the movement around me. I felt his hard cock in my ass to be removed, but only to return later put in twilightsex a moment. He came out easily, but I felt a little warmer and a little bigger, but I liked the feel and relaxed. I felt a warm mouth around twilightsex my penis and my head went down in a soft wet pussy. The beat of my ass harder and faster when I heard grunting and felt the swell cock and squirts cum in my ass. I realized that the girls had deceived me and George had caught me in the ass. We pulled apart and then published for tgloves were removed and then blindfolds. Susie was twilightsex beside me with his brilliant strapon stand out from the belly, while Julie was lying beside her butt look Gearge fushen rubbed by hand. George had a big smile on his face was very pleased with himself. We had drinks to cool a bit and Julie had been with George laughed and said, ' Go tell George what you have. ' George told me that Sue had whispered to go to get twilightsex Julie fuck you in the ass, and I had never done before Siad he had, and I loved every minute of it. I smiled because I knew I had been in the ass, but obviously not. Sue handed me a pair of Polaroid photos, Julie twilightsex below me sucks cock while George was thrust his cock in my ass. I gave it to him and told him to see proof of his achievement. Its red, bright red and was very nervous when Sue asks what it means, Julie giggled, he said he had felt likea tight ass and it was great. Julie said it depended on me to fuck my ass without permission and took me out of courage, as he had given me was his. George had never attracted to another man so far and felt uncomfortable with him, but he Gitl to me and he sat on his knees before me. 'The George Go, give Chris a blow job in return. ' Julie pushed to my semi hard cock, and he opened his mouth as my cock up Sue in it. He took over the heart of the movement and rose to the task of establishing with enthusiasm. I could see the girls whisper, then Georges Julie rubs shoulders stradded her wet pussy over it and embrace it as I Sue behind him and press the observed strapon in the ass. He twilightsex lifted his head to moan, but was pushed back down again. Later she told me in a running train, while his wife fucks ass was something new, and enjoyed twilightsex every secong of twilightsex it. We had a full -swing Bia couple of years after that first time. I still remember the smile on his face when he saw the pictures of herself trapped in my ass.
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